House Update Dec 2010

Well, we now have Jenny Hart firmly established as our Club Steward and along with her team have got of to a very commendable and efficient start. I personally continue to be impressed with the team’s wonderful attitude with Jenny and Hannah leading the way by continuing to go about there duties with permanent smiles on there faces.
The Dinner Dance was relatively successful but the attendance was extremely dissappointing and must have been particularly frustrating for the Social Committee who put so much work into it. It was mentioned that to hold the event in the clubhouse detracted from the concept of a night out, but we must point out that other clubs in the area have always had their dinner dancesin house and, in most cases, have far inferior facilities than we have.

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Posted by Jerry on Mon, December 13, 2010 at 08:31 PM

House Update July 2010

House Newsletter.
First of all, accept my apologies for the delay in producing this information. As you can appreciate, personnel changes have made it difficult to produce accurate details to the Membership, particularly if changes are imminent. However, after the last Council meeting it was agreed to revert back to a Steward/Stewardess model which, judging on most Members comments, would be a welcome step forward.
As previously advised, this would entail the refurbishment and re-instatement of the accommodation. We are fortunate to have Members who have been willing to help in this area with particular thanks to John Hainey for his advice on correct planning and proceedings to get the project moving. Thanks also to Glen Swindells, Keith Doyle, Nigel Pugh and Dave Slater for their welcome assistance.
Thanks also to Hilary and Matt who shared the responsibility in the kitchen and despite the high quality of their food, suffered from a lack of footfall through the clubhouse. Nevertheless, the reputation of the club as function venue has been enhanced, enormously. Both have been advised of the changes and will stay until the employment of the steward/stewardess is agreed. I’m sure that we all wish them well in the future.
In the meantime, the House Committee and Directors of the Company are setting out a detailed employment documentation to ensure that the Club and the new employees are both satisfied that the model produces adequate profit and satisfaction for both parties.
Whilst the Directors and Committee Members are all positive about the club’s future it’s apparent that there is some concern amongst the members. To a certain extent, with the losses sustained over the last few years, we can understand that. We are now happy to report, at last, our finances are beginning to turn around with certain cost savings starting to impact on our profit and loss account. Long may it continue.
Please try and remember that it’s your Club and it’s in all our interests to use its facilities as much as possible and, above all, enjoy yourselves!

Posted by Jerry on Wed, July 14, 2010 at 12:00 PM